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Audrey and Stone-02.jpg
handmade clay goodness....

with a love for creativity, I've been drawn to making unique clay pieces. Not that I really have the time with my business and mum life juggle. But hey we need something for ourselves every now and then. 

Clay making started as an outlet for me, a kind of "me" time, where nothing else rushes through my mind. 

Very rarely do I get any peace or quiet time these days, I'm literally rushing all day everyday. 

Clay is my happy place, and I seem to be getting good at it, I mean everyone wants what I'm making, so here we go.

A little offering will be available as my self care routine grows and I make the time to indulge. 

Focused on hair clips large and small, earrings and necklaces, using a mix of my own custom designed shapes and textures. 

Audrey and Stone
Audrey And Stone by Anerley May.JPG
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