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Puppies will be available to view from 6 weeks old.

Call me to chat about the puppies anytime, we are taking holding deposits now. We will add new photos and videos each week. 


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We have Toy Cavoodle Puppies 
Stone Ranch Cavoodles

Pricing $3,500

My aim is to strike a balance between affordability for the buyer and recognition of the dedication and resources required in responsibly breeding and nurturing these wonderful companions. Each puppy represents a lifelong bond, and every effort reflects my commitment to fostering happy and healthy relationships between my puppies and their new families.

The entire journey, spanning from inception to the moment you welcome your new furry family member into your home, typically encompasses a period of four months. Throughout this time, I commit myself wholeheartedly to nurturing of Frankie and the pups. Then comes the socializing, neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, weekly baths, and daily cuddles with the puppies, ensuring they grow into well-adjusted companions ready to enrich your life. I can assure no expense has been spared, the top holistic nutrition has been at the forefront of my program for Frankie for the past two years and the pups. Supplements and nourishment has been a priority and it is clear in the pups.


To provide further peace of mind, I also pay for 6 months pet insurance put in your name with each puppy, ensuring you are protected from unforeseen circumstances right from the start. 

Puppy Packs 

Stone Ranch Blanket with mums scent 

Mycavoodle Shampoo, Conditioner

Dry Food they are currently eating weeks supply

Meat they are currently eating weeks supply

Treats bag 

Puppy Pads

Puppy Milk

Display Book

​Your puppy will be given to you with their first C3 vaccination
Microchip and change of ownership form
All health documentation, vaccination stickers, & worming schedule James St Vet Beenleigh

4 page document of discount codes for amazing suppliers

We also include 6 months pet insurance coverage from the day you leave 

Mini Photoshoot at our property when you come to collect your new family member - capturing this special moment - images sent digitally once edited.

What you will need 



Collar/harness and lead 




Take Home Guide

Digital and Printed 

I have put together a super special and comprehensive guide to help you with your new puppy. 


Health Records 

Birth Certificate

8 weeks of images and weight info 

About Me | Frankie | Rocco

Frankies Parents 

DNA reports 

Pedigree Papers for Rocco 

Taking your Dog in public and Vaccanations

Food info - Raw, Dry and Treats 

Desexing info and guidelines 

Worming tick and flea - recommendations and best places to buy price wise

Training products we have tried and love - details on where to get them

Grooming information and links 

Crate Training and Toilet training

Toxic Foods and Plants guide

Lifetime rehoming support and contact info 

Digital version has all the links as well 


hello from our family.

The boys and I are thrilled to see you here - we hope we can provide your life with the incredible and life changing experience with one of our puppies. 

Frankie has certainly helped us as parents with our kids, settling them to sleep and helping them wake up so happy.

She has been the best decision we had ever made. And now we are getting the chance have our very own litter - it's just an amazing full circle journey.

IMG_7236 2.JPG

Our story of getting our first Cavoodle started with our son.

Our journey with Cavoodles began unexpectedly, yet profoundly, when we found ourselves navigating the challenges of our son emotional dis-regulation. Amidst his and our struggles, we sought solace and support, and it was in the gentle, understanding eyes of a Cavoodle that we discovered a remarkable source of comfort.


From the moment our paths intertwined with this furry companion,  our son's demeanor transformed, his anxieties alleviated by the unwavering companionship and boundless affection of our newfound friend. Witnessing our sons joy and sense of calm in the presence of our Cavoodle sparked a profound realization: these remarkable dogs possess an innate ability to soothe and uplift, quickly becoming cherished members of our family. Thus, our journey with Cavoodles began, fueled by the desire to share the immeasurable love and healing they bring to every life they touch.

"turns out I didn't realise just how much I needed her as well"

Little did I realise, as we welcomed Frankie into our lives, that I, too, was in need of her presence more than I could have imagined. While initially drawn to her for Boyd's sake, I soon found myself inexplicably drawn to her warmth, her unwavering loyalty, and her ability to effortlessly lift my spirits. In moments of doubt or exhaustion, Frankie became my silent confidante, offering unconditional love and companionship without judgment or reservation. Through her playful antics and gentle nudges, she reminded me of life's simple joys and the importance of living in the present moment. She has healed me in ways I never thought possible.

Frankie and Pudd.JPG
Frankie and her bestie Pudd 

"breeding pups from such a special dog is a childhood dream come true"

As our bond with Frankie deepened, so too did our appreciation for the unique qualities she possessed as a Cavoodle. It was a realization that sparked a profound sense of responsibility and joy within us: the opportunity to share the extraordinary experience of a Cavoodle with other families. The decision to breed Frankie was not taken lightly; rather, it was born out of a deep-rooted desire to extend the same love, joy, and companionship she had brought into our lives to others seeking the same.


With this carefully planned litter, we strive to pass on not just the physical traits of a Cavoodle, but the intangible qualities that make them such cherished companions. It is a journey marked by dedication, passion, and a profound belief in the transformative power of these remarkable dogs, and we are honored to play a part in bringing that same joy and fulfillment to families far and wide.

We are part of the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia Association (RPBA) 

We are also a part of the Responsible Pet Breeders Australia Association (RPBA), membership # 15945

RPBA was founded in 2018 on the principle that all dog breeders and owners should have a platform to share their voice and ensure the well being of cats and dogs, to be treated ethically, with love and care, regardless of whether they are purebred or cross breed.

The aim of RPBA is to ensure the absolute best conditions/upbringing for all dogs and cats that are bred and sold, for the welfare of the animals and new owners alike

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