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Anerley May designs constructed my company website just over a year ago.  I was pleased beyond words with the outcome and through the professional look Anerley has given my company I have brought in new business.  She remains on hand to fix things when I break the links or wants to add stuff that’s out of my depth - and would thoroughly recommend her service to anyone.

Claire Kelly

Communication Kinnections


Anerley has been the back bone of this business for as long as I have known her. Anerley is extremely hands on, proactive, knowledgeable, creative and puts 110% into everything she does. Anerley has been an incredible mentor & inspiration throughout my Harcourts journey and will be missed, all the best for your new adventure you will be amazing!

Personal & Professional

Renee White

5 Years through work


Anerley is a go getter in every way! She is amazingly talented and has a real eye for detail! Her passion for getting things done to the best of her ability is admirable, I think the world needs as much of her as it can get!

If there were an option for 10********** stars on fb I would tick it! This girl has all the grace and gumption you could ever need! She has personally helped me take my dream and made it an online reality! My expectations are beyond exceeded! WOW! Thank You ANERLEY MAY DESIGNS!

Personal & Professional Review

Teagen Barrett

We met through the local riding club. 6 or 7 years ago.

Funny with the best laugh

When both Gill and I selected you from a bunch of applicants we knew you were someone special back then 9 years ago. You had initiative and personality. I love how you have grown through all the years of experience in our business. Every role you took on you looked at as a challenge that you always mastered. The worlds your oyster Anerley.
On a personal note I have loved the friendship we forged working together. You always brought a smile to my face. It has been an amazing ride over the years seeing you buy your first house and being there for your amazing wedding and parting with your family and friends till late at night and for letting me take over the Jukebox I know I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to music :). The day you announced to us you were having a baby and then to see Boyd for the very first time. This is part of our friendship and I do treasure that you shared it with us all. We will miss your funny and somewhat quirky personality...especially me.
I wish you the best future and thank you for sharing so many fond memories.

Tony Ghanem Harcourts M1

Personal & Professional Review 

I've been your boss for 9 Years


Anerley Walker is a truly compassionate, empathetic and totally selfless human who I am grateful to call my friend.  
She is incredibly clever, spontaneous and caring ... qualities I have found endearing over the years.  She has made me laugh, given me support and truly believed in me during my own endeavours.

I am sure that Anerley will succeed in her beautiful new business and whomever chooses to engage her, will be inspired and overwhelmed by her creativity and ingenuity.  Good luck and go well my dear friend xoxo Jules

Julie Andrews

Personal Review


 can't say just one!!!

Anerley is seriously talented, beautiful inside and out. She has helped me with so many ideas on a personal side and also professionally. Everyday Anerley is in our office, we always here infectious laughter and are always greeted with a smile on her face. I am inspired by Anerley and everything that she does, especially of her best job ever - being a Mum. Anerley always does her best for everyone and goes above and beyond. The world is her oyster and I know, she has HUGE dreams and to me, that is pretty incredible on its own. I would never hesitate in recommending Anerley to create you the funkiest, latest, eye catching design/website and the most valued advice, she seriously is amazing!

I have had the pleasure of working with Anerley for just over 12 months now and in that 12 months we have built a great friendship

Personal & Professional Review 

Gemma Russell


Your energy is infectious and your outlook on life is amazing. Your creative mind is astounding and the work you produce is one of a kind. Your kind soul and memorable laugh is such a breath of fresh air in this world.
Thank You for sharing your love for marketing and design with me here at Harcourts M1, I know you will be amazing. xxx


Personal & Professional Review

Work Colleague and known you for 3 years!!

And the love continues .....xx


Anerley has an outstanding marketing and professional work ethic. She is always there to help when needed and always has the best ideas. I would highly recommend Anerley for any work purposes. Thanks heaps Anerley!


Always very helpful and very knowledgeable, great attitude to life.


High maintenance chick:)
inspiring, funny, kind hearted and a strategic thinker.  Should be a business coach, generates enthusiasm and leaves you feeling pumped about the possibilities!


Personally - always laughing, funny, thoughtful, loving mummy to the gorgeous Boydy

Professionally - determined, knowledgeable, always thinks outside the box, and will not stop until the ideal result is achieved.

Keryn Ellmers

Personal & Professional 

Harcourts M1 - 4 Years


Anerley is an amazing human being professionally and personally. She holds herself to a high standard and she certainly won't disappoint.

Ally xx

Personal & Professional 

Met you through work 3 years :)


Always alot of fun, kind, considerate, interested and very grounded and she likes animals. 

Val Shaw


A Pleasure

Words don’t express how much I appreciate your fabulous setting up of my website.  Patience, knowledge and highly intelligent insight made working with you such a pleasure. 

Sue Rankin

Rebus Business Systems

Vision, Passion & Experience

Anerley has the vision, passion and experience to create anything and everything you need to improve your business. I’ve known and worked with Anerley for many years, and I’ve watched her grow and transform into an intuitive and dynamic business woman. You won’t be disappointed. To top it off, Anerley is warm, caring and empathetic ... you can’t go wrong.

Gill Beattie 

Personal & Professional