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custom designed online forms for your business
online forms. 

No clipboards, scanning, printing or pens required. All great for the busy real estate agents on the go and so much quicker and easier for your clients. 

Online forms are the way to capture every bit of information you need in the furture. Everyone needs to be able to seamlessly send and receive information with internal staff and external clients. Think of the time and fustrations saved !!!!

With more than 85% of Australians now using a smart phone, we need to undertand this is where business happens every minute of every day.


You always need to receive information internally and externally, so let's save time, make it classy, branded, streamlined and most of all instant.  

Branding  / Design.

Fully branded and designed specifically for you and your business.

Branded forms, branded reply emails, and even branded attachments if required. 


Share via Mobile Message, Email, Facebook, within Apps and more.


Forms are easily completed via any device, no apps or logins required. 

Just open the link and submit the information.


Lets go over how this technology can change the way you do business in the near future! 


Just submit your details below. 


specialised online forms for Real Estate  

digital productivity custom designed for your team  

Online Forms
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H E L L O so now it's time to go paperless and really make it work in your office.


Let us work smarter

S A V E time !!!! 

Increase Efficiency

Create less space for error  

Streamline processes between deparments 

Easily collect info from clients and your team via mobile, desktop or ipad

offer to purchase 



sales performace 

employment reference

owners advice

rental reference

referrals from sales

sales offers

lease offers

new staff details

employment contact 

advertising bookings

marketing schedules

staff leave

get in touch

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